113 Commits by 2 Authors. 2,876 files added, 34 deleted, 32 moved.
20 February 2018
more jumper/leaper unit experiments/kbunit
Thai Leo
adding missing models... reverting top hat material
update amplify shader update WIP logo stuff adding placeholder models
19 February 2018
knockback unit experiments/kbunit
wip charge/push refactor
biter attack def
change to AI advancement ordering
biter dmg increased 3->4 career gen tweaks
career unit health bars now show equipped mods (placeholder)
Deleted duplicate Unit_MiniFrame prefab, dunno why it's there so hopefully nothing breaks
merged from AI branch
added AdjacentTeamUnitPenalty, scores down tiles that put you directly next to team mate units (so they're less likely to get AOEd) Increased in-range tile penalty of EnemyRangeTileScorer increase score bonus of HeighTileScorer Increased healer AIAdvancePriority 0.0 -> 0.4f/aiaiai
AI tile orderinging fix (orderby->thenby)/aiaiai
more AI work/aiaiai
16 February 2018
more AI cleanup/aiaiai
bit of AI cleanup/aiaiai
15 February 2018
Thai Leo
reverting burner material
missing texture
updating amplify shader more wip logo stuff /adding shader
fix for AI advance-move not ignoring tilefall tiles/aiaiai
more wip tilefall avoidance AI (will move out of tilefall, won't move in - maybe)/aiaiai
CareerUnitMod can now have multiple modifiers. Health modifier now modifiers current and max
reworked mod slot UI stuff, now works.
14 February 2018
rough wip getting AI to move out of tilefall tiles/aiaiai
more ai/aiaiai
wip AI improvements/aiaiai
fill unit mod slots with a few random mods (not shown in UI yet) some career tweaks
Add some test mods to player inventory on career creation Added Mods.RemoveAll() Added CareerUIUtils.GetModSlotColor(CareerUnitMod mod) Started making UIMod base clase work to show mod type colour
refactored some more stuff to support league season restarts can now play seamlessly between seasons/promotions/demotions and endlessly
reset team league stats (wins/played etc) when generating new seasons
added CAPromoteDemote action, moves teams between the leagues based on league results, generates new league fixtures for the next season using the updated league teams.
added CareerLeague GetPromotionTeams() and GetDemotionTeams() defines for number of p/d teams
Thai Leo
update career UI tab buttons
update WIP logo editor stuff
13 February 2018
leagues track starting week added some stuff to check if a league/all leagues have fixtures left to play more league advancement wip protobu
fixed a career serialization order bug for week number fixtures now get deleted when they're played league advancement wip stuff
repeated the unit nicknames in the nickname list to quickly double number of names available for now. set all leagues to have 12 teams each again.
Holding left shift (in editor) when clicking play match will auto grant the player a win without playing the match
wip UIMod_Market add a mod to player team inventory on career creation for testing
moved ModInventory out of Career and into CareerTeam. every team has a mod inventory, serialized/added to proto.
more mod market wip more functionality for ModInventory
market unit/mod tabs and views now work
12 February 2018
more market wip
wip mod panel, headers, list
don't show enemy squad in career squad editor
wip mod list stuff
Thai Leo
more career ui
update career Ui
11 February 2018
Thai Leo
update WIP unit detail UI
10 February 2018
Thai Leo
update wip unit detail panel
9 February 2018
disabled clicking modal background to close window
ModInventory, added protobuf, serialization
market tab now has owned / market lists UIUnit_Market only shows buy button if it's not a player owned unit set team colour to player team in player list of market
opportunity outcome calc fix
league tab button tweak
league table entries now show correct league badge
League view can now display any league. League view league buttons now switch current league. Fixed mapid not getting set correctly for AI matches, map name + type now shows in results.
modal container back button and click to close now enabled/disabled based on panel behaviour. hooked up modal containter title text more opportunity work
Thai Leo
WIP detail card scrolling
8 February 2018
modal container back button works
Thai Leo
replaced unit portrait background with grey color
missing changes
more career wip UI
7 February 2018
removed Adolfo, Adolph from name list
unit detail view can now handle a collection of units, cycle through. team and market lists pass the collect unit collections, as well as the clicked unit to view initially
refactored team and unit clicked events to be calls to UICareerRoot show team/unit. more collection view prep.
more wip collection view
unit nickname list
wip unit collection detail viewing
more ui stuff, hooked up results panel team name buttons
restored opportunity panel prefab on root UI object
disabled career object
made a career map
Thai Leo
getting latest
tweak career UI prefab
update wip UI
6 February 2018
Thai Leo
fixing logostuff NRE
update unit detail panel
adding wip logo stuff (nothing implemented yet)
more UI/modal shit. more opportunity shit. added a new Opportunity cash transaction type, gamble opportunity uses it
added mapid to LeagueFixtureResult protobuf, serialize it
set OpportunityGenerationChance to 0 until it works
merged back to main
refactored roster view tab UI to a new UITeamView, works for any team. clicking teams in league now pushes a modal version/modal
5 February 2018
more modal wip/modal
more opportunity stuff
opportunity wip
opportunity generation, definitions setup, placeholder UI screen, added to pre match events
more opportunity wip
4 February 2018
wip opportunity definition stuff
3 February 2018
opportunity bits
2 February 2018
Thai Leo
fixing what's new panel adding navbar script for editors replacing exit button
more WIP career UI, fixed buy button~
escape or right mouse button now close cancellable modal windows. added CareerDefines.ValuePerMark, added it to unit value calc.
placeholder unit detail view modal UI
career modal UI screens can now be set as cancellable or not
more career modal UI stack shit added buttons to market/team view unit panels added unit clicked career UI event clicking a unit in roster or market pushes a modal panel for detailed unit view, clicking off removes it
wip career modal basic setup
1 February 2018
Thai Leo
more WIP career UI
more wip career Ui
moved PlayPlayerFixture logic out of career controller and into the CARunPlayerMatch action
formatting fix
implemented a new CareerAction system to handle weekly steps/actions/events to allow more flexibility. Reworked all current functionality into new separate CareerAction classes that get executed in order.
moved movement range to unit tags
moved block values to unit tag system